As Malaysians when it comes to buying or selling...illegal products it's common to hear...
Rileks-la bro! It's not a big deal. Just one thing onleeeee won't hurt anyone-lah
WRONG. Illegal products are criminal, harmful and dangerous.



It is a BIG deal. When illegal products enter our country, it costs the government BILLIONS of ringgit in lost income. Smuggling is made so easy because Corruption is the NORM.

Guess what? When government loses the income and needs to find money, we the Rakyat suffers. Taxes will increase. Businesses suffer, so they increase prices, and pass it on to us, the Rakyat. So we end up paying more! To make it worse, public services like hospitals, roads and toilets will get worse (no money to maintain!).



Illegal products are BADDDD because they are cincai-cincai made - no need for stringent safety health checks, testing or regulations that are there to protect us, the consumers. So, using illegal products is like poisoning yourself.

Reality check: Quality (or the total lack of it!) is also a No-No for Illegal products. So it is also harming your wallet by paying for inferior stuff!



Peeps, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves – where are these illegal products coming from?

More often than not, criminal cartels (think Narcos) are the masterminds involved in making and putting these illegal products in your hands. These are sophisticated operations. And OMG, these criminals are also involved in heavy crimes, even possibly terrorism!

You may think no way' bro, Malaysia got no terrorist one…but hey! Even the small criminals working for these cartels are into snatch thefts, burglaries and robberies!


To top it off, it deprives legit local brands and peeps trying to make an honest living a chance to succeed.

Don't let these criminals continue to rip us off.

Let's all do the right thing for our Country.

Pledge to Reject Illegal Products and spend my money where it counts.
My Ringgits should not go towards funding criminal cartels.
It should go towards building a better Nation and Country for me.

#belegitbuyori   #janjilegit

By contributing my RM towards supporting legal products, I would like the government to use that money for: